NHL Contract Projections 2020

There are few dates more exciting in the hockey world than July 1st—at least in a normal year. The drama and intrigue surrounding NHL free agency has spawned an entire industry dedicated to contract rumours, predictions and analysis. 

We’ve decided to throw our hats into that same ring and share our NHL Free Agency projections for 2020. With different skill sets — one of us (Idriss, @thehockeycode) a CBA wizard with a finance and negotiation background and the other (Sam, @samforstner) an experienced hockey data analyst (previously @Sportlogiq) with a background in statistics—but united by our love for and knowledge of the game and business of hockey, we decided to combine forces to analyze, predict, and better understand NHL contract decision making. 

For the 2020 offseason, we’ve partnered with PuckPedia to project player contracts, and welcome all to review our NHL contract projections methodology.

Check out the full list of remaining UFA’s and RFA’s on the http://PuckPedia.com Player Dashboard.

NHL Free Agency Projections by @thehockeycode and @samforstner – Google Drive
NHL Free Agency Projections by @thehockeycode and @samforstner : 2020 UFA & RFA

*While most 2020 RFA and UFA free agent contracts are included, a subset will not be shared due to confidentiality reasons.*