Vision & Mission

We empower hockey executives with latest player fair market value and negotiation opportunities to maximize contract outcome. Salary cap management is a competitive advantage. Every recommendation is crafted so both sides are setup for success. The best hockey deals are Win-Win in the short and long term, and offer flexibility for both parties. 

Consulting Services

The Hockey Code has developed proprietary tools to optimize the contract negotiation process and help hockey executives make better financial decisions.
Contract Projections
Recommendations factor qualitative and quantitative data, including traditional, Advanced stats, salary cash flow, signing bonus, mouvement clauses and term.
Comparable Research
Extensive benchmarking and peer comparison utilised towards a clear narrative and actionable negotiation recommendations.
CBA Leverage
Wield the full power of the CBA. Our Negotiation strategy aligns with CBA rights, Player & Club interest.

Client Testimonials


A relentless entrepreneur, Idriss has always been fascinated by the business of professional sports, technology, finance and sales. He works where tech, finance, data meet to drive innovation. His many years of experience building digital solutions, and negotiating complexe partnerships with Financial institutions have empowered him to build this venture. Forever the student of the game, Idriss has successfully built a digital platform to compare and manage assets across the NHL. Hockey executives across the league rely on Idriss’ knowledge of financial technology, advanced statistics, and commonly used negotiation leverage tactics to help them with contract negotiations and identify cap compliant opportunities.


Idriss Bouhmouch